Happy 50th Birthday to Anthony!

happy 50th birthday message to Anthony Kiedis RHCP

I’ve set up a new section HERE for any birthday messages that people might want to leave to Mr. Kiedis (click on the link above or the tab in the menu to get to the designated page- thanks 🙂 )

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5 Responses to Happy 50th Birthday to Anthony!

  1. Eva Mag says:

    Happy Birthday Dear Man!

    I wish you even more joy with your son as you’ve brought to me with your person, music and whole band!

    A 55 years old grandma from a little country in Europe: Hungary

  2. Alexandra says:

    Happy Birthday,Anthony!It is not only your holiday because we are your fans and we celebrate your Birthday!I and my sister Olya wish you good luck,prosperity of your family and your career,a lot of new songs and family love!Happy Birthday to you!

  3. Vita says:

    Happy Birthday Anthony Kiedis! You still look 21. Its a new start! 😉

  4. renee says:

    happy birthday tony 🙂

    • renee says:

      God grant him serenity
      that he agreed with this,
      which can not be changed,
      the courage to change it,
      which is able to change,
      and wisdom that distinguished one from the other.

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