Mystery Solved!

anthony kiedis stroked a tiger called tony year of tiger

I stroked a tiger and I made a connection- I’m the year of the tiger and my name is Tony!

I’ve seen scans of this photo many times and often wondered where it came from because it was clearly from a magazine. I thought I’d either got just about every back issue magazine from the UK going or had least seen the cover if I didn’t actually own it, featuring Anthony Kiedis as part of my RHCP magazine collection so I had a bit of a surprise the other day when a special 2002 ‘end of year’ edition of Kerrang! magazine popped up for sale on eBay with AK on the front…

Of course, I had to buy it! The magazine arrived today & inside was this photo as part of an extended feature on the Red Hot Chili Peppers who’d been voted ‘Kerrang! Band of the Year’ for 2002.

As well as being on the cover, Anthony Kiedis wrote the foreword and there’s a large picture of him to accompany it, there’s the two page article on Anthony featuring this photo, a page where RHCP are named as band of the year PLUS a six page article detailing the band’s year with information, comments by band members (especially by Anthony) and loads of photographs. Enjoy! 🙂

See the whole article here: Kerrang! ‘RHCP Band of the Year 2002’ Yearbook


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3 Responses to Mystery Solved!

  1. david says:

    my 25 year old son who loved the band died of a heroin overdose last month. I read scar tissue and I am even more convinced that Kiedis is a piece of shit.

    • admin says:


      My condolences on your son; I know how hard this is for you- my husband died 3 months ago- he was an alcoholic. It doesn’t matter the substance, it’s the addiction that has the same effect so I really do know what you are going through and also what you have been through. Living with an addict is sheer hell and then there’s the place you are at right now. Nobody who hasn’t been through this insanity can even attempt to understand what it is like and even people who have can only come close because things are different in every single situation. It’s a very lonely place you are in right now…
      I’m not sure that being angry with RHCP & blaming AK is the way to go though (not sticking up for AK because I run this site but because of what I’ve been through myself); every addict is responsible for their own actions- and yes, that is the hardest thing that anyone involved with an addict, and especially their death, has to accept & come to terms with. Unless an addict wants to be cured, there is nothing anyone can do about it- yes, ‘easy’ words again to say and so much harder to accept. I tried EVERYTHING with my husband and I’m sure you did the same with your son but unless they decide to get clean, that’s it and nobody else, be they family, friends, rock bands or whatever, can really make a difference other than on the temporary realm at the most.
      It seems like you want to blame somebody else but there is nobody else to blame especially not a band that has had no contact with your son (some people might even argue the opposite in this case that RHCP/reading Scar Tissue has helped them oversome their addiction). And yes, it’s impossibly hard reading the book and knowing AK did something your son didn’t, he’s here and your son isn’t and maybe that the book didn’t provide him with the inspiration to fight the disease when it ‘should’ have (yes, my husband got given a copy to read during his first spell in rehab… and it was re-packed for the second and offered for the third and fourth detox stints). Not to mention the time I hit him with is saying it CAN be done, read this! So yes, I get you… and I also think about the fact AK made it and Mark didn’t & I’m sure that’s the same for you). I know that doesn’t help you as you have all of these emotions and no way of chanelling them and that there is no easy answer to any of the feelings and questions you have. Wish I had an easy solution but I’m sorry I don’t.
      As I said, I really do understand where you are coming from and I know the pain and helplessness you are feeling right now. My email is in the home/contact section if you want to talk. Peace to you though this time. Rebecca

  2. mary Murphy says:

    . I also have read scar tissue many an addddict myself. I have been addicted to opiates since I was a teenager and I’m almost 40 now. My life has been a living hell as an adult addict. I have lost everything due to my addiction. My kids were taken by the state, I was evicted from a beautiful 4 bedroom home, my family has disowned me. So now I am a total loner addict with an empty life and an empty heart. I don’t like waking up in the morning because I know its gonna be another day of pain and suffering and there’s nothing I can do to change it. I know both the sadness and emptiness of both living with an addict and living as an addict. Living as an addict is pure hell. You wake up sick and shaking, throwing up and hurting all over. Literally your whole body hurts. You know you have to try to find something that will take that suffering away and let you feel “normal”. You see, after a certain point addicts don’t feel the euphoric effects of the drugs, they just feel a bit more comfortable in their own skin. Sorry for the long rambling speech, I just wanted you to know addicts can’t just quit. When one tries it feels like they are dying. If you made it all through,, thanks for reading.

    Mary Murphy

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